Plan B

Profound political choices lie before the European Union. Will the union be part of the solution to the climate crisis, or will it part of the problem? Will the union hold on to the failed, narrow-minded market liberal policies, or is it finally time to rethink these premises? Will the right-wing extremist parties succeed to use the EU to spread their intolerance, or will we use the EU for real solutions, based on solidarity and the common good?

To overcome the challenges of the future, the EU has to be questioned and changed. National parliaments must be given more influence while corporate interests must be held back. The Left has the key to change the EU!

On April 13 and 14, left wing parties and other progressive forces will gather in Stockholm to discuss how we can challenge the right-wing policies of the EU, respond to the climate crisis and build a better cooperation in Europe. Join us!

The conference is the latest of the Plan B-conferences, that begun in Paris and Madrid in 2016. It’s organized by the Left Party of Sweden, Enhedslisten in Denmark and Vasemmisto in Finland, in cooperation with ABF (the Workers’ Educational Association in Sweden) and with support from the GUE/NGL group.

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The conference will mainly be held in English. On the Saturday, we will provide interpretation to French and Spanish.

Saturday April 13th

Riksdagen, the national parliament of Sweden. Entrance from the small park Riksplan.

12.00 Opening session: The left and the future of Europe
Jonas Sjöstedt, Vänsterpartiet, Mia Haglund, Vasemmisto, Nikolaj Villumsen, Enhedslisten

12.30 Panel 1: Challenging the right wing politics in the EU
• Manon Aubry, La France Insoumise
• Pedro Filipe Soares, Bloco, Portugal
• Mia Haglund, Vasemmisto, Finland
• Fabio de Masi, die Linke, Germany
• Miguel Urban, Podemos, Spain
• Lotta Johnsson Fornarve, Vänsterpartiet, Sweden

13.45 Break

14.15 Panel 2: Left responses to the right wing Brexit
• Marta Tycner, Razem, Poland
• Julie Wards, Labour, UK
• Brian Carty, Sinn Fein, Ireland
• Audun Lysbakken, SV, Norway
• Malin Björk, Vänsterpartiet, Sweden

15.30 Break

16.00 Panel 3: Left responses to the climate crises
• Marc Botenga, PTB, Belgium
• Nikolaj Villumsen, Enhedslisten, Denmark
• Éric Coquerel, La France Insoumise
• Deniz Butros, Vänsterpartiet, Sweden

Sunday April 14th

ABF-huset, Sveavägen 41

10.00-12.00 Workshops session I

  • The euro crisis – lessons learned and left responses,
    the example Portugal
    Room: Beskowsalen
    • Stefan de Vylder, economist
    • Pedro Filipe Soares, Bloco, Portugal
    • Malin Björk, Vänsterpartiet, Sweden
  • Fortress Europe and death in the Mediterranean:
    what should be the Left’s answer?
    Room: Västerås
    • Marie Naass, coordinator for Search and Rescue NGOs
    • Kathrin Schmidt, Solidarity at Sea
    • Nazanin Sepehri, Vänsterpartiet, Sweden
  • Rött är det nya gröna – ny politik för klimatet (in Swedish)
    Room: Ystad
    • Jens Holm, Vänsterpartiet, Sweden
    • Mia Haglund, Vasemmisto, Finland

12.00-13.30 Lunch

13.30-15.30 Workshops session II

  • Feminist struggles
    Room: Beskowsalen
    • Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bak, Black Protest, Poland
    • Ana González Bringas, Podemos, Spain
    • Danièle Obono, La France Insoumise
    • Ida Legnemark, Vänsterpartiet, Sweden
  • Solidarity with Turkey – HDP
    Room: Västerås
    • Nazmi Gür, HDP
    • Asbjørn Bang, Enhedslisten, Denmark
  • Workers’ rights and social dumping – Trade union mobilisations
    Room: Ystad
    • Marta Tycner, Razem, Poland
    • Jakob Nerup, Enhedslisten
    • Ana Süssner Rubin, Vänsterpartiet, Sweden

Practical information

The conference on Saturday April 13th will take place in the national parliament of Sweden, the Riksdagen, in the middle of the city. Please bring your passport or some other form of ID.

The workshops on Sunday April 14th will be at Sveavägen 41. This is in central Stockholm, close to the subway station T-Rådmansgatan on the green line.

There are plenty of hotels in Stockholm. Many of our international guests will be staying at this one, within walking distance to the conference on both Saturday and Sunday.

You can always ask us anything about the conference at our e-mail [email protected].


The registration in closed.

The conference fee is 25 EUR or 250 SEK. Please make a payment to IBAN: SE04 8000 0832 7997 4424 8171 (BIC: SWEDSESS) before April 7th. Include the names of the participants you are paying for. (Within Sweden, you pay to plusgiro 51180-8 or bankgiro 172-1281.)