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Information in English

If you’re tired of right-wing politics and want Sweden and the world to move towards more fair and equal rights, then use your vote in the EP elections to help make change.

The EU affects your life every day. From the size of your electricity bill, to how long your work day can be, to whether the train comes on time. It’s all affected by laws and guidelines from the EU.

It is possible to adapt our society to stop the climate cri- sis. It is possible to lower the prices of food and electricity. It is possible to improve welfare, build good housing and create safe jobs. We can build a more equal world, fight against wars and conflicts and strengthen democracy and human rights.

But to do so, we must change the direction of politics. Away from the right’s blind faith that the market will solve everything, to the idea that politicians must take responsibility for creating prosperity and welfare that benefits everyone.

Your vote in the EP elections plays a big part in how Sweden and the world will develop in the coming years. Use it!

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