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A decision will be made soon

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A decision will be made soon

and it concerns the future of our children…gron

Climate change means that coal and other fossil fuels need to be phased out and replaced with renewable energy. A decision to liquidate Vattenfall’s coal mines in Germany would mean taking responsibility for such a development. The wrong decision means that an unreliable buyer may continue mining and burning coal, and open new coal mines. That would result in a gigantic climate breakdown.

That is the choice the government have to make now.

Vattenfall has announced that they have found a buyer for their brown coal operations in Germany. Instead of a methodical liquidation of the German coal power, Vattenfall want to sell it. The prospective buyer, EPH, is a Czech venture capital company with dubious intentions and they have no environmental ambitions at all. This would mean that the pollution and emissions could continue, and make no mistake, the amount of emissions are disastrous: It is the equivalent of 24 times what Sweden releases every year.

It is in the governments hands to stop this deal – if they want to. A government that lets this sale happen will have zero credibility in climate policy. If they want to be taken seriously when they talk about taking responsibility for the climate, then they need to put their foot down now, and tell Vattenfall: No, you may not sell.

The coal needs to stay in the ground, if not for us, then for the sake of future generations.

Jonas Sjöstedt, chairperson of the swedish Left Party